Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Weekend in Black and White

This beautiful old stairway is in Budapest.
Re the "writing on the wall"—György Dözsa
was a 13th/14th-century soldier of fortune who led
a revolution against the landed nobility.  As has
often been the case in Hungary, things
did not end well for Dözsa and his followers.

[To see more monochromes, visit Dragonstar's meme.]


  1. A very striking image, perfect for black and white.

  2. Wow. From Film Noir a few days ago to its predecessor German Expressionism. Of course film but also architecture as at Rudolph Steiner’s Second Goetheanum.

    So what do you call a mosquito plaguing someone like this guy?

    A Buddha pest.

  3. What a fine photo! Great use of light and perspective.

  4. Love the shapes and the light on this stairway. Thank you for the translation and explanation. Wouldn't have known otherwise.

  5. This is an excellent image in so many ways. I love it!

  6. Great photo in B&W! Wonderful contrast and perspective!


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