Monday, September 1, 2014

It's a mystery

This was actually growing in the rose garden at the
Brooklyn Botanic—and not a plant label in sight.
(Even my friend the horticulturist couldn't ID it,
and she knows everything.)  Any guesses?

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  1. No idea what it is but it looks interesting and pretty of course!

    my blog is here:

  2. nice shot, don't know what it is either.

  3. I have no idea but it looks so pretty .Interesting blossom with the fine brown rim.

  4. No idea, but you have got a good close up of it showing all the fine details.

  5. nope, can't tell you here either. I have to ask on some.

    wonderful image though.

  6. Sure looks fuzzy. I have no clue but I hope someone else can enlighten us all! V

  7. It looks like something I might have seen in the Botanic Garden, but I never remember names.

  8. Your new camera (and good eye) look in top form. The areas of sharpness contrasted with fuzzy focus give it some nice depth. At first I thought the purple petals (or bracts) had a golden rim but looking at the old and shriveled up ones I am thinking that the petals start to dry from the edge in.

    But rather than petals or bracts those almost look like wings, don’t they? The fact that the best experts have no clue could mean that this is some kind of alien invasive species. I remember in the 1950s that there was some unusual flora of an identical hue found temporarily in an arboreal environment. And those spikes look almost like horns. Could this creature from more than half a century ago have evolved into the apparent flora that we see now? Having just checked out those old fifties reports I was disturbed until I realized it wasn’t harmful (depending on one’s taste in music. What, no eyes? I guess it was blinking when you took the shot).

    That’s a convoluted way to say, “I have no idea.”

  9. Very mysteriy, but so nice!
    Hugs Riv

  10. No idea what it is, but it's a very pretty picture.

  11. Do you have a photo that includes leaves? Also, would be helpful to see if the plant grows upright or spreads or other info. Petals can fool sometimes without the rest of the foliage. Great shot!


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