Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ABC Wednesday—K is for "Kodiak bears"

She was busy digging for clams while he was taking it easy.
My daughter Katie (also starts with K, and these are her pics),
her friend, and the sea-plane pilot who flew them to
Kodiak Island were standing much closer than I would have been!
(The pilot was armed with mace and a gun with rubber bullets, just in case.)
Seriously—he is one big boy!

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  1. So neat to get so close, a little to much for me. He's a really big boy and shes a great photographer.

  2. Wow they look quite big ! I think I prefer a cute little Teddybear, lol !
    ABC Wednesday

  3. They're beautiful, though I find them very scary. I love to sit and watch them in the zoo.

  4. I would not want to mess with him or her.
    Great photos Katie!

  5. I'd keep my distance, too. And isn't that just like a male? Lying around while wifey does all the work. ;)


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