Monday, September 15, 2014

Maison Bacqueville

These folks have been in business since 1790,
and I want to say that they've had their shop in
the Palais Royal for as long as I can
remember (and that's a very long time).
I doubt you can purchase a Croix de Guerre
or Ordre de la Legion d'Honneur medal without
earning it, but if you want to design your
own, these are the people to see.

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  1. How awesome that the place has been operating for so long! Lovely, old sign.

  2. The old sign has a great sense of dignity and pride.

  3. Never, ever heard of this I go Google!

  4. This sign is very familiar to me because I can poke my head out of "my apartment" door, look to the right down the corridor and see it when I'm in Paris. I say my apartment because it's mine while I'm renting it. :-)

    Counting the days until I return!

  5. Wonderful old sign's a lovely mellow yellow :-)

  6. I was surprised to see that the Legion of Honour medal depicted on the sign in your photo has been awarded to quite a few Americans including Josephine Baker (the award wreaked havoc with her costumes because the fastening pin tended to bruise the bananas. She received her award from Charles de Gaulle partly for her work in the underground resistance in WWII), Mary Cassatt (alas it fell overboard but the ducks managed to retrieve it), Miles Davis (he wore it often around his neck but, man, it was so heavy), Charles Lindbergh (probably awarded it for stimulating the increased usership of the fledgling Paris airport , Norman Mailer (for being influenced by French pelage fashion then adopting and spreading the same hairstyle as a certain poodle), Robert Parker (two guesses), Sharon Stone (surprising because of her tendency to publicly expose secrets), and, of course: JERRY LEWIS!

  7. Love the sign and green window frames in the background.


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