Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ABC Wednesday—G is for "gravestones"

These are in Père Lachaise cemetery, one
of the most beautiful, peaceful spots in Paris.
Though it makes for a good photo op, it
also saddens me to see how some of
the graves have fallen into a sorry state.

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  1. It has a special beauty, in a very interesting way. Great shot!

  2. Hello Alexa,

    We do like graveyards and, although we have not visited Pere Lachaise in many years, it has a wonderful atmosphere which one cannot help but be moved by. As you say, it is somewhat distressing when the graves fall into disrepair.

  3. Yes, I LOVE cemeteries, but am saddened by the ones in disrepair.


  4. Aren't these gorgeous? If I didn't want to be cremated, I'd opt for a lovely stone like these.


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