Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Weekend in Black and White

This is a mosaic plant—it's a Zone 10
pond plant, i.e., tropical.  Brooklyn's not exactly
in the tropics (though on humid summer days 
it may feel like it is), and that's where I
found this one growing.  It won't winter over,
so I guess they'll have to plant another one next year.

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  1. Great mosaic pattern and proportioned photo. The plant doesn't look real! Bon weekend

  2. An exquisite photo in black and white.

  3. What lovely patterns that plant makes! Excellent photo.

  4. Your photo looks like a fractal graphic design. Well done.

    I just read a blurb about mosaic plants: Among other things, “They also provide a protection from predators...” So, as long as there are mosaic plants in the pond you are not likely to see this, for example.

  5. That's really beautiful. I'd like that in a tablecloth or wall hanging! Or even in a photo. ;)

  6. Absolutely great photo in B&W! I like it a lot!

  7. Amazing mosaic plant...what lovely patterns!

  8. So beautiful, and I didn't even know that a plant like thise exists! First I thought of jewelry, but obviously it's a nature's jewel.

  9. It looks like puzzle pieces scattered on a black backdrop ~ very cool effect! It's nice meeting you.

    Hope you'll hop over to see my Weekend #photo contributions

  10. Wow! A very nice composition. I thought you took a close up of fabric with a very intricate, but delicate, design.
    Take 25 to Hollister


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