Wednesday, August 6, 2014

ABC Wednesday—D is for "Dall sheep"

And also for Denali National Park,
in Alaska—which is where my
 daughter Katie took this shot of a
mama and her sweet little baby in June.

{Can you guess what's coming when 
we get to the letter K?}

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  1. Yeah, Katie would like this. What do goats do for defense and to assert dominance? They butt.

    Oh, wow! She looks almost unrecognizable now but I remember the mama above when she was dressed in an elaborate 1920s costume in a 1950s musical. You know, the one where Stubby Kaye sang, “Sit Down You’re Rockin the Goat”. That lauded musical: Guise and Dalls.

  2. Ha, ha to Tall Gary. These are cute. Maybe K will be for Kodiak (bear)?

    1. Aw shucks. Much obliged for them ever so kind words, ma’am.

      Kodiak is a good guess. But this being a photo blog maybe it will be the related but retro Kodak?

  3. Cute :-) waiting for K-surprise.
    good wishes.


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