Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Weekend in Black and White

This photo of my shell collection makes me
think of strolling a beach where the weather is toasty.
One of my kids is returning today after a month
in the warm, sunny Caribbean.  She'll be leaving
temps in the 70° to 80°F range and coming back to
wind chills of below 0°F.  And we're due to get
a bit more snow today too.  Welcome home, Katie!

[To see more monochromes, visit Dragonstar's meme.]


  1. Nice shell collection.

    Hey, if I put my ear up to that center shell I can hear the ocean. Well, OK, my computer sounds more like the pump of a salt-water aquarium but that still gets me out of here.

    It looks like Katie could use some shell-ter from the chill. Maybe she could wrap her hands around something like this.

  2. what is it about shells? I cannot resist collecting them either.
    Nice photo.

  3. Lovely contribution to the B&W theme!

    My post:

  4. These are beautiful. I have a lamp with a clear glass base that you can fill with whatever, and mine has shells.

  5. Beautiful shell collection. I hope Katie survives the chill.

  6. A month??? Oh my. Lucky girl.

    Your collection reminds me of the one I started when we lived in south Florida for 3 years. I like these in BW!

  7. Beautiful photo of theses shells! Well captured!

  8. Does photo mean you are shell shocked? Remember, spring is only 54 days away.

  9. Great contribution to the B&W theme! Nice photo!

  10. Splendid photo bw!
    new challenge here..


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