Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Weekend in Black and White

Confession:  Last year, I was a bit obsessed with
taking pictures of fat people on the subway

I've turned over a new leaf and am now searching
for beautiful people to sneak shots of, and this is my
first of 2014.  I've seen this woman on the train
before and I think she's gorgeous—but
I wonder why she always looks melancholy.

[To see more monochromes, visit Dragonstar's meme.]  


  1. Maybe she will see your photo and respond with a comment.

    I like this portrait. It’s taken from life, not posed in a studio, which makes her beauty all the more impressive.

    I was going to offer a supposition but realized I can’t possibly know so I should just shut up.

  2. Beautiful girl, and I love her curls.

  3. Lovely portrait!

    My new B&W Blog:

  4. If only we could read peoples minds, I think we would be surprised at why she has that look. She is very pretty.

  5. She's beautiful. This is a perfect portrait.

  6. She is very pretty! I love watching people on trains, museums or restaurants…sometimes I dare to take pictures.

  7. Lovely younger girl, havea nice sunday.

  8. sometimes very relaxed people look like they are melancholy but they are actually just relaxed.
    I agree though, she is gorgeous.


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