Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ruby Tuesday

I visited a huge indoor flea market recently, and
the thing I really wanted to buy was this
beautiful old antique dollhouse. (I didn't get it—
it was $400 for one thing.)  On the other hand ...

It was completely furnished!

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  1. I love flea markets - great posting

  2. It's beautiful but $400 is too much for me.

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    Moms... Check nyo

  3. Love that dollhouse! I would have loved to have it - but not at that price!

  4. Flea markets are one of my favorite places to capture photos for Ruby Tuesday or Wordless Wednesday subject matter. There is always something interesting to see and photograph. Nicely done. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  5. I would have loved that doll house also! Great red selection for today.

  6. So very pretty!

    Your comment on my Ruby Post will make me so much happy. Please come and see.

  7. That's a nice doll house.

    I used to go to the open flea market on Sixth Avenue and 22nd St. every weekend morning. It was so relaxing until my heart would begin throbbing at the sight of stuff I love but somehow unable to afford.

    Fascinating shots!

    Cheers ... visiting from Ruby Tuesday 2!



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