Wednesday, July 4, 2012

abc Wednesday—Y = "yay!"

This past weekend all 35,000+ photos disappeared
from my computer—yikes!  After 4 hours on the
phone with Apple, they had to cry "Uncle" and send me
back to where I bought my computer.  Long story short:
Potential disaster averted by this young man and his
talented colleagues.  But if I hadn't had an external hard
drive, I would have lost everything.  Hope you have one!


  1. I'd better go and dig mine out of my handbag and plug it in, Alexa! Hooray for this young man and people like him. Losing those photos would have been tragic.

  2. Whoa, that's a disaster averted for sure. I have my photos backed up into a cloud drive which was kind of neat....I could access all of them from someone elses computer when on the road♫♪

  3. Lmkazmierczak -- I have to find out how to do that!

  4. Good thing he's able to get all those photos! Mine are all copied into external hard-drive and DVDs.

  5. Otherwise, your post would have been YIKES!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Oh that would be a terrible thing. I have so many vintage photos on mine. Glad he came to your resue!!!

  7. Hello.
    I don't have that many photos, but all my poetry is on my computer. I would be heartbroken if I lost any of it...some of it goes back 30 years! Thankfully, my wife backs up my important docs on her USB thumb drive. I'm glad the tech guy was able to save the day. Thanks for sharing.

    You Make My Eyes Beautiful

  8. Wow, glad you averted disaster! Your post reminds all of us to have some form of backup.

  9. You're lucky they were saved - and I love that photo - what a great expressive, kind face.


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