Monday, July 2, 2012

Ruby Tuesday

These fifers are performing in Boston's
Granary Burying Ground. It's the final
resting place of three signers of the
Declaration of Independence, five victims
of the Boston Massacre—and Paul Revere.

Also buried here is the woman
some claim is Mother Goose.
Hope all my compatriots enjoy
the 4th tomorrow!

[To see more Ruby Tuesday 
shots, go here.]


  1. Great photos, Alexa. Happy Fourth to you, too!!

  2. Wonderful appreciation to all heroes.
    Happy July 4th to you.

  3. I've visited this graveyard!
    I'll have to go look at my photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great captures! Happy RT2!

    Mine's here.

  5. Wonderful photos. The gravestone of Mother Goose is especially interesting!


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