Sunday, November 9, 2008


This is Tom's, the best place for breakfast ever—
and it's right in my neighborhood.  
There's always a line to get in, 
but no one minds, because they hand out gratis coffee 
(also oranges, cookies, and even strawberries and 
whipped cream) while you're waiting.
 Gus, the owner, is so welcoming
(and informative)!
  Even the Swedish royal family loves it
(they probably 
ordered the pumpkin pancakes).


  1. how considerate to post a sign about the stomach virus!
    free food that is actually good food, this looks like my kind of place!

  2. These are the best places for a true taste of the neighborhood. You live in a cool drinks while you wait too! That is a throw back to the past. I wish more restaurants and eateries were like this. True character and friendly relations. Thanks Alexa!

  3. Tom's look like a nice place for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

    I have only been to Park Slope a half dozen times, which is a shame. I loved the area but none of my friends live there until recently when one moved to Carroll Gardens. That's when I started visiting Brooklyn more frequently.


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