Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekend Reflections

My friend used to have a lovely view over
the rooftops of Soho (see below)
and a good chunk of sky, a fairly rare
thing in Manhattan.
About two-thirds of that view has been
replaced by a mostly glass building, so now
he has a view of his own red-brick digs
—and whoever lives behind that glass.
(I've talked about this before—rampant real
estate has become a pet peeve.)

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  1. To me, tracking the construction would be like having to watch a deeply beloved friend die slowly of a fatal greed disease. And then be forced to live with the corpse ever after. I must say, you did find beauty in the mausoleum.

  2. A bit sad for your friend but a good reflection. Have a great weekend.

  3. Those windows give wonderful reflections. Sorry about the brick wall of that building.

  4. It's a great pity window views count for nothing.

  5. I prefer his view to mine but on second thought it might get a little boring after awhile. At least I can see a few trees from my windows. Cool reflection! :-)


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