Tuesday, August 16, 2016

something for everyone . . .

at a food emporium I visited recently on
Long Island.  I ate a banana on the way there,
so I could resist all the treats for humans
(starting with the baking-right-now donuts just
inside the front door and continuing
with lobster rolls and a fried-chicken bar 
farther on)—and just get the salad fixings I came for.

[Linking back to Ruby Tuesday and Our World Tuesday.]


  1. Our great-niece-dog (is that even a possiblity?) would go crazy for those goodies.

  2. These could make for happy dogs!

  3. That seems pretty reasonable for a pound of dog treats. I know a banana wouldn't help me resist fresh bakery, lobster rolls or fried chicken. That is the trifecta of irresistible smells.


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