Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday Challenge—"ground"

This shot was taken by my daughter Kate, when she
(way) north and sailed around the Svalbard Archipelago. 
Now her father and I are making the same trip—we're
off to Norway tonight.  I'm not sure what kind of 
connection I'll have up there above 80°n latitude, 
so (for the first time in eight years), I'm putting the blog 
on hold until I'm back home in a couple of weeks.
At that point, expect pictures of polar bears!
Meanwhile, as the song says, "see you in September."

[And to see more of the Thursday Photo
Challenge, visit Dale's meme.]


  1. wonderful photo....wishing you a marvellous trip!

  2. Have an amazing holiday. Hopefully there will be some Northern Lights shots as well.

  3. Yes, it’s ice (try to explain that to future generations, if there are any). But this reminded me of the time adult-onset chicken pox ripped through a dormitory. I was fine, having had the child-onset version, but my next-door neighbor’s bed and floor were six-inches deep in this (not sure why).

    Hey, Bon Voyage! One of my favorite images of all time is of a polar bear eating vanilla ice cream in a blizzard.


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