Tuesday, August 2, 2016

It's true love (or something)

Or maybe another major case of
"monkey see, monkey do."  I've been seeing ribbons
along with the love locks on the Brooklyn Bridge
for a while now.  One day, someone didn't
have a ribbon and decided to use his headphones
instead.  And now . . .
Read this short article from the Wall Street Journal
to see why most of them are red.

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  1. We saw locks in almost every town we visited on Europe. Whatever, I guess.

  2. This is guaranteed to ingratiate tourists with natives. (IBS)

    It is too bad that people don’t know that whenever they do this a portion of their love remains on the bridge. How could it not? The love that they still hold in their hearts for each other when they have crossed the bridge becomes less and less over time because the love they have between each other tries bit by bit to rejoin the love left on the bridge until there is eventually no love left between them. Why is this? Because the love they have between them is free and the love left on the bridge is fixed permanently there. A good way to prevent losing the love between themselves is to avoid permanently sticking a piece of their love on a bridge to begin with. But if it is more important to them to have their love stuck on a bridge somewhere and not between their hearts, then, whatever, I guess (to quote Janice Adcock).

    1. It's actually worse—the locks etc. will be removed from the bridge and wind up on some trash heap somewhere. And as you say, this native doesn't appreciate having "her" bridge all junked up by misguided folks who can't keep their love (or their @&$*# selfie sticks!) to themselves. Just sayin'.

    2. ‘Misguided” is a good word here. It is misguided for such criminals to express their so-called “love” by vandalizing communities in a way that incurs not only damage that the vandals can walk away from and then return to their own communities, but that results in a crime of vandalism that necessitates these communities they invade, or sometimes live in, to spend considerable money to clean up and repair that vandalism. I believe even a single person, or couple, caught performing such vandalism should be held accountable for the entire cleanup cost in that the vandals are abetting a crime. Is it romantic? How can something that damages a community, incurring great costs in labor and cleanup expenses to that community, and then ends up in a trash heap to be buried or destroyed ever be considered romantic? To me, having padlocks symbolize an unbroken love is foolish. Locks more accurately symbolize imprisonment. And as you say, they are not unbreakable: the locks etc. are broken off, cut off, disposed of, and end up in the trash, or crashing to the bottom of rivers along with the sections of bridges they have damaged and destroyed. I would like to know: How many such “romantic” vandals are still together after two years? After five years? After ten years? People want to express an unbroken love? How about a kiss? There isn’t enough love left in the relationship for even a kiss? Hah! You are locked together for eternity in an unhappy relationship because of your damn love locks!

      I did just see that in Moscow there are purpose-built iron trees for the purpose. They started with one. But soon needed to add more. So they end up with the same problem: no space left and too many locks. And then what to do with the troublesome mess? Sell them for scrap and then distribute the net profit after expenses, and distribute the income to the loveless?

      Your reference to selfie sticks made think of the “politician” who shall go unnamed and how he/she is using both traditional media and social media as one massive selfie stick. His/her vanity and self love truly know no bounds.

  3. Great words written with love and knowledge ... :) http://panchopoetry.blogspot.in/2016/07/believe-melove-never-wants.html

  4. Interesting, don't have anything like that happening here

  5. Interesting, but it would be a mess to clean up
    Have a great week!

  6. Hello, I think it looks interesting. But, it is not good when it has to be cleaned up. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  7. Interesting, but messy practice. Some railings on bridges have so many locks on them that they need to be removed and replaced as the added weight threatens the safety of the bridge. Never seen ear phones before. Odd.

  8. Very interesting...thanks for sharing

  9. I don't like to see bridges covered in locks, it takes something away from the beauty of the bridge. Just not romantic I suppose.


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