Sunday, August 7, 2016

By the pond

And, yes, the green background is a pond
(the one in the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden
at the Brooklyn Botanic) and, yes,
it really is that color.

[To see more flowers from around the world,
visit Today's Flowers at An English Girl Rambles.]


  1. Ooh, Japanese irises. I have never seen both white and purple like that in one flower. That the green background is real is, well, more than real; like, surreal. And really beautiful.

    If that is an algae bloom I wonder if any possible koi in the pond would be happy about that. But I wouldn’t know. Just wondering.

  2. What ever the green is, the Irises love being there. Great shot.

  3. Oh! such a lovely shot. I have been to that garden but could not capture a picture like you did. Beautiful and surreal.

  4. How lovely Alexa, thank you for sharing these beautiful blooms. It is a delightful photo with the pretty green background of the pond. Have a great week :)


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