Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Squad 18

The friendly firefighters on West 10th Street
in the West Village were feeling the
pride and sharing the love on Sunday, as
NYC's huge gay pride parade took
place a block away from their firehouse.

[Linking back to Ruby Tuesday
and Our World Tuesday.]


  1. You are a lucky lady to have traveled to so many places!

    I've read so much about the firefighters in NYC. They are a special breed!

  2. Hey Alexa, just visited this site after some time. And also noticed how old the map is... Czechoslovakia? Yugoslavia? East and West Germany? Wow! Not sure how I would sign in, but this is from Jana.

    1. I was wondering when someone would notice that—not surprised that you did! May be time for a new map, eh? BTW, the red pins are me, yellow ones are Lila, and green ones are Katie.


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