Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday Challenge—"black"

I thought I was done showing you fashions from
this year's Costume Institute show at
The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  But here's one
more:  this beautiful c. 1938 black lace dress
with a die-cut, hand-assembled white-linen corsage 
from—who else?—Coco Chanel.  

[To see more of the Thursday Challenge, go here.]


  1. I really wouldn’t know, but couldn’t this almost be worn today? For perspective, I thought to go back as far before this as this is before our time. I expected some major culture shock and found it, but that 1861 black number down there isn’t bad.

    I guess we could call your photo one of those that are black & white in color.

  2. I agree with Gary that it could be worn today. I just LOVE this dress, and would have bought it when younger, or even now if I could squeeze into it....

  3. Oh wow what a gorgious dress.... I would like to wear it, would lose the corsage ofcourse ;-)

  4. So pretty and elegant. The shape is quite modern too.

  5. Gorgeous and a great capture. Beautiful for the challenge.

  6. Glad you shared. it is simply stunning.


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