Monday, June 27, 2016

Ladies who lunch . . .

sometimes lunch here at La Grenouille,

where the noontime prix fixe is
less than half what dinner costs (though
that's not saying it's in my daily lunch budget)
and you're almost guaranteed to spot some
celebrity slurping split pea soup
with pumpernickel croutons or chowing
down on filet mignon sliders.

[Linking back to Blue Monday at Backyard Neighbor.]


  1. Not only architecturally, but literally, a taste of France on 52nd Street. Even with the tall buildings in the rear I thought at first that this must surely be France. I guess it is. For as long as it takes to devour a meal.

    Makes me want to rewrite the lyrics to a Sunday school song: From Away in a Manger to Où est elle en manger?

  2. I was kind of wondering what it looks like on the other side of those windows. I think my eyes would be most attracted by the view to the left.

  3. What a great photo for Blue Monday!

  4. Hi Alexa, What a day but all is well at last. Thank you for checking back and linking. Love the photo you shared today.
    Happy Blue Monday.
    xo, Jeanne

  5. Looks like a good place to nosh. Love the poem.


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