Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Challenge—"everyday things"

I love my wooden spoons, which are
both utilitarian and beautiful;
the broken one is my favorite, because
it belonged to my grandmother.
This was her Hoosier cabinet, btw, and it
still has its original zinc countertop.

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Challenge, visit Dale's meme.]


  1. Souvenirs like this adorn our lives...

  2. i like my wooden spoons too. didn't as a kid *grin*

  3. I love this photo! and I like wooden spoons! kids didn't!

  4. Great shot. We have a Hoosier kitchen cabinet just like this. It sits in our dining room and holds most of our dishes. BTW, our kitchen wooden spoons look more battered than yours.

  5. A Deruta vase holds part of my kitchen utensils, one of which is the old wooden rolling pin, minus the handle on one end, that my Dad used to roll out big, fat biscuits which were referred to, in the South, as "cat heads" -- I assume they were as big as. :-)

  6. Still life; still have; still remembered; still alive, because...

  7. The relationship to the past is so very special.


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