Monday, January 18, 2016

Still hangin' on

Took a stroll through the local botanic
garden the other day.  I don't
know why this little tree still has all
its leaves, but isn't it pretty?

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  1. There is a tree like this one across from my front door in the edge of the woods. I have been watching it for several years now. Discovered that in the spring the leaves begin to drop from it, and in place of the leaves appears a long, hard thorn-like protrusion on the limbs. Later found that this hard "thorn" unfurls into what becomes the new leaves on the tree for the new year. I'm hoping to discover one of these days what kind of tree it is. Identifying a tree is somewhat akin to identifying a bird ..... you need to know leaf shape, how the leaves are veined, placement of limbs along the tree trunk, etc., and without specific info in hand, it's difficult to identify on the net, but I'm sure with enough time and persistence it can be done. :-)

  2. It is so pale I thought of late winter plum blossoms. Some plums bloom in early February in Tokyo. I was going to ask you about the weather there but I see this past Christmas was the warmest ever. Still, you surely know the difference between leaves and blossoms, but what kind of tree has such pale, glowing leaves? In winter? Was it tricked by the weather into “thinking” it was spring? The ornamental plum out front here had a few blooms in early December because of a warm spell. Then pale, bright green new leaves followed the few blossoms. Those young ’uns are now getting shafted by the cold while the rest of the leaves are turning red and brown and dropping.

    Dogwood in some kind of freak-out, preternaturally early bloom?

    But, yes, it is pretty. Like an early harbinger of spring. Very early harbinger. Like your Christmas had been.

  3. Wow Don't know what it is but it is pretty sitting there with it's pale leaves.


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