Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Not exactly what I expected to find during
a walk in the woods.  Shame, really.

(At one point years ago, there were six of us
living at my parents' house and five 
beetles parked out front.) 

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  1. Wouldn’t you know it. It looks like a parking ticket stuck under the wiper arm.

    I love the colors. Those white blotches on the hood reiterate the reflections on the windshield. Also love the perspective you got, and the loooong, droopy snout.

    Looks like mid 1950s. Could be wrong.

    My father had a VW Bug. When he came home from work our pet dog was avidly wagging his tail at the front door minutes before we could hear his bug coming down the street and pulling into the driveway.

  2. Kind of sad, but where better to spend your retirement years than in the woods

  3. Such nice cars. But who would dump them in a forest?

  4. Reminds me ..... In '65, I had a new Bug with a moon roof. Driving down the road on a summer night with the roof open and the radio turned up to some great music was pure heaven. And you could look up and see the stars.

  5. No, not what you would expect, but a great photo anyway!

  6. Just probes beetle live in the forest, too.

  7. Great photo but unexpected as you say


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