Tuesday, January 19, 2016

crab apples

Unlike yesterday's tree, this crab apple
has lost all its leaves.  I've seen
squirrels gorging themselves on rose hips
but never seen any eating these
little fruits.  Apparently they do, though—
here's one who ate too many fermented ones
(supposedly he was just fine after he'd slept it off).

[Linking back to Ruby Tuesday and Our World Tuesday.]


  1. Kind of reminds me of something by Yayoi Kusama. But I like this better: 3-D red spheres from the tiniest red dot to apple sized, all over everywhere. And a nice where at that.

    The squirrel is hilarious. Thanks! And I can so appreciate, right now, that video from a similar position of substituting apples with grapes. Time for beddie-bye, methinks.

  2. ...grapes for apples? Hmm. I seem to be having trouble getting a foothold in all this snowy grammar.

  3. Understand this happens to berry eating birds this time of year, too.

  4. Oh, that video is so funny! Poor little squirrel! In California they plant Oleander bushes between the freeways. When the berries are at their peak, the birds get drunk and fly crazy sometimes into cars! It's a bit of a problem. I do love the beautiful berries hanging on the bare branches. Such beautiful color.


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