Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pink Saturday

Brooklyn Botanic Garden staff and volunteers
spent three days planting 12,000 bulbs
so that we could enjoy a colorful display of
tulips and grape hyacinths.  I didn't catch the name
of this ruffly pink cultivar, but I definitely
appreciate the hard work that made it possible.

[To see more shots that feature the
color pink, visit Beverly's meme.]


  1. The pink hues and the purple colours of the flowers are lovely contrasts!

  2. I love tulips & these are gorgeous, and so pretty in pink Alexa. I hope you have a sunny Brooklyn ( or wherever you wind up) weekend.
    ; )

  3. Happy Pink Saturday, Alexa. Thank you for joining us this weekend, and for making Pink Saturday special. Please come back often.

    Your photo is stunning. You captured the colors and textures beautifully.♥


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