Sunday, May 18, 2014

New York in Bloom

At the eastern end of 51st Street, just off
Beekman Place, there's a set of stone stairs that
lead down to this walkway, which goes over a little 

park and the FDR Drive and out to the East River.
I like to come here on my lunch hour—especially
at this time of year, when the cherry trees
and the Eastern redbuds are in full fabulous bloom.

[It's Shadow Shot Sunday; to see more, go here.
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  1. Love the colors and quaint shadow.

  2. What a beautiful combination of colors! Lovely!

  3. It’s nice to see this in a different season. I must agree with all of the above comments. The colors somehow make me think of a Venice California art gallery (generically, not specifically)

  4. wow that is lovely and very comforting to the passers-by! I can take a lot of photos there.

  5. Nice shot.
    Wish I had something that nice to look at during lunch time.
    There are days I never see the outside until I walk out the door


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