Thursday, May 29, 2014

Barclays Center

This arena ( the new home of the Nets) is only about
a 10- or 15-minute walk from my house (fortunately,  
just far enough away that I'm not bothered by the
attendant congestion and general hoopla when they host
something like the Grammies or that famous
Barbra (back in Brooklyn) concert.
But maybe I should take advantage and actually
attend something here.  There's basketball, of course.
Other than that, I'm torn between Cliff Richard  (I was a fan
50 years ago, so . . .)  and
 Walking With Dinosaurs.

[Linking back to Skywatch Friday.]


  1. Looks kind of like an HDR shot... I like it!!

  2. That's a really big place! I'm reading 'New York' by Edward Rutherford, all 1017 pages. Fascinating.


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