Friday, September 27, 2013

WTC Tryptich

I was downtown a few days ago and caught
these images of the new World Trade Center building
reflected in the façade of the Milennium Hotel and
twice in one of the other new buildings that will make
up the WTC complex—4 WTC, which is scheduled to
open next month.  (Two dancers from the NYC Ballet
did a short but very special performance on its roof at
sunrise on 9/12.  Check it out here; it's absolutely beautiful.)

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  1. Firstly - I LOVE your take on the WTC- so lovely!

    & second, thank you for the awesome link, the light, the music, the beauty of their dance really is awe inspiring.

  2. Very Cool Reflections! My OYGIF:

  3. Amazing! I would love to see those buildings myself someday.

  4. Stunning ! A very nice composition of pictures, Alexa, well done, very creative.

  5. What excellent reflections of a beautiful building.

  6. Cool photographs! Glad you decided to share your photos on Orange you glad it's Friday. Thanks for joining and I hope to see you again next Friday. Have a great weekend.


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