Friday, September 20, 2013

Letting Off Steam

The steampipes under Manhattan are like a
volcano about to erupt—as they have been
known to do from time to time.
The last time it happened (in 2007) was right
outside my new office. Scary! (But not for me;
fortunately, I started that job a couple of days later.)

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  1. unique and interesting (and a bit scary)..

  2. I am glad it is Friday Miss Alexa!
    & I love how you've captured the orange here too.

  3. Very original ! That is really not something anyone can everyday... Nice catch indeed.

  4. That sounds a bit unsettling but it makes for a nice picture and an interesting story. I would have had the urge to stick a "No Smoking" sign on the steam-pipe. :-)

  5. Love how you captured the mannequins in the window♫ My OYGIF:

  6. That's a surreal looking scene!

  7. There seems always one or two places in NY where they are working on the steam pipes. Perhaps there are some places in the world with the same heating construction but I don't know them. It reminds me of some visits there. It tickles memory. Thanks for showing.

  8. Sounds a bit scary to me. You are very brave, methinks. ;)

  9. That would definitely send shock waves through the neighborhood! Nice find and lovely lighting!


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