Sunday, September 22, 2013

At the Met

One of the perks of membership at the
Metropolitan Museum is that you get to preview new
exhibits for a few days before they're opened to
everyone else and get so crowded. This is
part of Interwoven Globe, which shows colorful examples
of textiles traded between East and West after new
sea routes were discovered in the 15th century.
Most of the items (like this satin chasuble made in
China for the Spanish market) are incredibly well preserved.

[It's Shadow Shot Sunday. To see more, go here.]


  1. Textiles are my favorite artform and in my opinion museums do not give them the showcase that they deserve so I am happy to see this exhibition!

  2. They sure are beautifully well-preserved. Presentation of textiles is so important, as not to be boring. Lighting is good.

  3. What lovely costumes and what fun to see them!

  4. So beautiful even in pictures. How marvelous to see them in person. I'm late to shadow shot Sunday this week, but catching up!

  5. The light and shadows in this picture is art itself. Beautiful picture :)


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