Friday, September 13, 2013

Skywatch Friday

I took this shot on a beach too (though not
the same one as on yesterday's post). This looks
kind of peaceful, doesn't it? Just a pretty sky at
that magical time called "the blue hour."  What
you can't see is that there was a big party going
on: food, drink, live music, dancing.
Not at all peaceful, but fun!

To see more Skywatch pics, go here.]


  1. That sky looks just like a watercolor wash, or whatever you call it, when you dampen the paper and apply brush strokes.

    Is that a lightning rod on the flagpole?

  2. such a great blue sky. yes, like a watercolor painting.

  3. Very pretty Alexa. it's funny what we don't see going on all around what the photographer chooses to omit.
    My blog is filled with pictures like this!

  4. Striking clouds in such a blue sky. I agree with the other -- very much like watercolor.
    Hope you enjoyed the party. :)

  5. Wonderful blue hour shot. Fun to think about the party going on under that beautiful sky!


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