Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thursday Challenge—"best of 2012"

This is not the shot that got the biggest response
from visitors to my blog, but of all the thousands
of pictures I took last year, I think this one of a
Galapagos hawk is my absolute fave—maybe because
it's a special souvenir of a once-in-a-lifetime trip, maybe
because this bird let me get up close and personal.  I did

zoom in a little bit here, but was still standing close 
enough to touch him when I snapped this picture!

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  1. This is definitely a strong, amazing photo.

  2. His gaze and patterns are magnificent, Alexa ~ what a beauty!

  3. Very good portrait!
    new challenge.

  4. And you still have your nose! BRILLIANT shot. My fave too!

  5. Fantastic! Beautiful close-up. I love all the detail.

  6. That this image of a fiercely peaceful creature—a hawk with the temporary demeanor of a dove—does so much more than evoke memories of other fierce norovirus creatures of the time says a lot about how much it means to you.

  7. TG -- So true—in the absence of an ER, this bird was the best "medicine" I could have had. :~}

  8. Mind over matter or bird over splatter?


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