Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shadow Shot Sunday

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden's world-class bonsai
collection includes about 350 trees, with 30 or
so on display at any one time. This lovely Japanese
apricot (Prunus mume)—though the flowers are usually
called plum blossoms—is a mid-winter bloomer.

[To see more Sunday shadows, go here.] 


  1. Love the attractive long threads in the heart of that glorious flower! Beautiful!

  2. There's {apparently!} an extensive collection of bonsai at our Brisbane Botanical Gardens. My sister and her family are well acquainted with it, so I really should toddle out there and have them give me their own private tour sometime. These blooms are lovely, Alexa.

  3. Omg, these are GORGEOUS! I love the colors and shadows in this pic. Nicely done miss Alexa.

  4. Beautiful capture! I like Japanese apricot flowers very much.


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