Friday, December 21, 2012

Waaay Up North

I chose this photo (taken by my daughter Katie)
for today for a few reasons:  It's up above the Arctic
Circle and that makes me think "cold" and that
reminds me that today is the first day of winter;
it's barely 20 degrees from the North Pole
 and that makes me think of Santa, who'll
be here soon; and in one week Katie and her
sister Lila will be headed in the polar opposite
(so to speak) direction on their way to Antarctica!

[To see more Skywatch Friday pics, go here.]


  1. The surface of the sea looks like some kind of frozen glacé.

    My mother’s sister ran an Indian restaurant where she would quickly reach into the tandoor oven and then toss the chicken masala tikka over her shoulder in a parabola and it would always land on the proper plate. Once she did that and by the time it hit my dish it was frozen solid. Then I realized why. It was aunt arced tikka.

    My best wishes for a fabulous journey to your sibling progeny.

  2. The photo is beautiful but makes me shiver. I can't imagine how cold it must be that far north.

  3. Beautiful photograph. Happy sky watching.

    Up in the sky

  4. wow... beautiful photo... traveling to antarctica... that is some trip!

  5. Awesome photo -- you can feel the blue chill.

    Good parabolic joke, TG :-)


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