Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ruby Tuesday

Where I live it's against the rules to sit out
on your fire escape—kind of a shame, because for
most of us, that's the only "balcony" we have.

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  1. Wonderful angle. The red berries look beautiful

  2. I wonder why you can't but you also have a great view from downstairs. Great capture! Happy RT2.

    Ruby Leaves
    Red Velvet cupcakes

  3. Lovely backdrop and berries- great photo.

  4. & look at your view! beautiful.
    I used to sit out on my fire escape all the time when I lived in the village - only at night though, maybe that's why I never got caught...

  5. Seems that it's decorated for chrismas !
    And I love these fire escaps which are part of the image we all have of New York.

  6. But breaking the rules is the best of it! :-)


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