Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ABC Wednesday—W is for "whiskers"

When I was sailing around the Galapagos this past
October, I came out on deck one early morning
and encountered this endearing visitor.

The 14 passengers were thrilled to welcome 
this sea lion aboard (she didn't stay too long
though, as this was the spot where we 
boarded the pangas for our shore excursions).

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  1. Oh MY Gosh!!!!! such a sweet face!
    I wonder if I'll ever get there?
    I just received a Christmas card from a distant relative who visited the islands with her family. they took a picture of themselves with a giant sea (?) turtle and they were all wearing santa hats.

  2. As Lily says, such a sweet face! Isn't she gorgeous. You caught a beautiful close-up, Alexa.

  3. How awesome! I had friends visit the Galapagos several years ago and saw their photos. It looks quite intriguing!

    abcw team

  4. Beautiful closeup of the visitor's face...

  5. Ohhh, what a sweet face! Great close-up. And it sounds like it was a pleasant visitor, yes?

  6. Lovely creatures and a sweet face. I think I read somewhere that they are starting to limit visitors to the Galapagos. Sad but probably necessary.


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