Monday, November 7, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday

Istanbul?  Karachi?  Tashkent?  Nope. We're on
9th Street in the East Village.  Friends and I
were having an early meal at this place—called Cloister
(hence the stained glass)—and this guy was the only
other customer.  I guess the No Smoking rule
doesn't apply if this is what you're smoking! 

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  1. This must have been tricky to photograph, but you did very well. Event the puff of smoke is clearly seen!

  2. Such a weird place, it could only be NYC :-)

  3. Transported to another time and place. I'd be looking for a dragon nearby. You know how to find the treasure troves, Alexa {though the smoke would drive me outside pronto!}

  4. Beautiful colour and light. An interesting restaurant.


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