Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The woman in the window

Took this from a train traveling through a far-flung
neighborhood in Brooklyn.  It was early in the
morning and already in the 90s—and this woman's
apartment was clearly not equipped with air-conditioning.
Maybe she went to a nice cool movie theater later.

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  1. Some of my best shots come from do-em-quick moments. Fire escapes...what can be more NYC? I would love to have one to sit out on when it is hot.

  2. That went very well whike in the train. Great shot.

  3. We are complaining about the cold, rainy and windy weather we have right now in France but I'd rather put a fleece jacket, socks and raincoat, set fire in the chimney than standing that heat wave you're experiencing, especially without AC!!! Hope you have AC both at home and work.
    Can't believe you took that shot from a train!

  4. Great photo. Thoughtful....


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