Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Challenge — "construction"

Here's Brooklyn's controversial construction project:
Atlantic Yards, a huge mixed-use residential and commercial
development.  This is the skeleton of what will become the new home
of the Nets basketball team. Apparently the latest problem
for nearby residents is rats—and to think I considered
buying in a beautiful old brownstone right near here. 

[To see more on the theme, go here.]


  1. Rats?? Ok thats scary... Lets hope after its complete the residents dont say "Oh Rats"


  2. You sure got as much construction as possible in this photo and it still remains well-composed!

    Remember how many rats were homeless when they tore down Les Halles....? They took up residence for a while in people's apartments... ewww.

  3. I had forgotten about this project (I obsess over Gehry) and it was interesting to read your link about the development.I'd say you got a lucky escape with that brownstone!
    This is a great photo with lots of details of the area.


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