Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Challenge–"roads"

Coming in to LAX (and as usual I feel compelled
to apologize for this plane's dirty windows).
But this is about roads, as in freeways, as in once
again, actually glad I don't drive—this is just way too much!

[To see more roads, go here.]


  1. And LA has plenty of roads! Wonderful shot - one that we don't usually get to see.

  2. Yikes! That'a a great photo (dirty airplane windows notwithstanding. What kind of blogger are you, don't you smuggle Windex onboard for situations like this? lol), but it's overwhelming. What snarl, what sprawl, what a mess! Your roads and mine today are at opposite ends of the spectrum, so it was fun to see yours, and I hope you enjoyed L.A. from ground level!

  3. it's really unbelievable.
    & I love your airplane shots Alexa.

  4. Fascinating photo! And a reminder of why I detest driving there.

  5. Perhaps I"ll be visiting LA soon. I wish we could land there together.

  6. Great shot of my hometown's "calle"...know them well!

  7. Many roads in one picture. I'm glad I'm not on one of them.


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