Monday, July 18, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday

Yeah, they're kinda gorgeous—and I have at
least one friend who can dance all night in hers.
But, seriously,  I doubt I could walk a city
block in these red-soled beauties. How about you?

Here's the whole window of Christian's
fab boutique on Madison Ave.  One of
these days (when I'm dressed like I could
ever afford them),  I'm gonna go in and
try on a pair or two.  I'll report back.
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  1. they are beautiful but no, I do not think I could do it!

  2. I'd be prepared to give it a try. ;) Looking forward to your report, Alexa.

  3. I doubt I could walk out of the store in those (and not just because of the wickedly high heel!)

  4. funky and pretty but I doubt if I can walk or worse, dance on them. I might just look at them and drool:) Happy MYM!

  5. Ha! I like it, I'd wear them but not walk with it. I'll use that kind of pumps for a photo shoot where I don't need to walk :)

  6. Cool shoes, but if I tried to walk very far or dance in them, they'd turn into cruel shoes (with a nod to Steve Martin) :-)

  7. Arianna Huffington wrote an article comparing heels to foot binding. Timely photo.


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