Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today's Flowers

Loved the tulip display at the Brooklyn Botanic—these are just 
some of the thousands of colorful blooms the visitors were treated to. 
Just as I took this shot, another photographer (one of manyasked me, 
"Where's your tripod?" (Actually, hadn't occurred to me 
to bring one—but I think this worked out okay.)
[To see more flowers or post some of your own, go here.]


  1. yes it did work out! & beautifully too.
    makes me want to go take some flower photos.

  2. Love the colors of those tulips! Beautiful photo.

  3. Seeing all the tulips flower each spring makes me very happy, as does the reminder of them like in this lovely photograph. Thank you for sharing it with Today's Flowers.

  4. I agree, this tells that with a steady hand, lovely pictures can still be achieved.

    great composition too :)


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