Saturday, June 18, 2011

the mermaid parade

Today's the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade.  Unfortunately,
I'm missing it.  But fortunately, I have these shots of last
year's parade (stolen borrowed from my talented daughter Lila—

who's also marching this time & I hope someone gets a picture).
One of these years . . . (but as a spectator, not a "mermaid").


  1. That looks like a blast. I never did make it to Coney Island but it's nice to see pictures.

    Thanks for the clicks!

  2. More wonderful photos from your Lila ~ I hope she had a fantastic time parading.

  3. Super rendu pour ces photos, ça donne vraiment envie d'y aller !!

  4. I am definitely going next year!
    I love mermaids.
    thanks for posting these.

  5. Wow, some unlikely mermaid costumes, but looks very fun. The right top little mermaid is so cute:)

  6. Ohhhh! Next time I'll come with my Lover! I'm sure she would do a wonderful Mermaid !


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