Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Challenge–"home"

I thought a bit about this one, and ultimately realized that
the first thing I look at in anyone's home is their books—
so here's a small but select section of mine.

But these are the runners-up: Buddy snacking on the
pansies in the window and a couple of my fave 
(because this lamp and mirror are both just a bit over the top).
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  1. I do the same thing with people's books :O)

  2. Good collection of books! I see book about different places in your shelf including one of my country India. :)

  3. Buddy is a bit of a screen hog, isn’t he? Or maybe just camera shy, to the right.

    That lamp looks like something out of the Ziegfeld Follies, specifically Jenny and Rosie Dolly.

    Those tassels create such a nice effect with the light I almost wish I could find the same outdoors. Oh...Nice.

  4. I first want to make a piture of al my books, indeed books make a home!

  5. Ha! I like to check out peoples' bookcases too. :)

  6. I check out the bookcases in homes, too. Your lamp is marvelous! And Buddy looks like quite the character.

  7. Oh, I have not met Buddy before now, but he is adorable... Love your collection of books and there are many that look familiar with names of countries.

    Cool lamp!


  8. I'm somehow not shocked by the contents of this small selection of your books, Alexa. I wonder why. ;) As for dear Buddy ~ well, I had no idea pansies were a snack food. My Ella will think she's deprived if you keep this up.


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