Sunday, June 5, 2011

A rose is a rose

And they're finally starting to bloom in the garden.
I could spend hours there—oh wait, I did— and this 

was one of my faves of the many pictures I took.
[Today is Shadow Shot Sunday. To see more shadows, go here.]


  1. Hi Alexa, we've got the same design template for our blogs...feels like I'm home.I had a post which I titled "When a rose is not a rose" and here is your answer tom my post!!! Haha
    Am following your blogs.
    Lovely macro of your rose...when do we get to see the full bloom?

  2. How exquistite! You even captured a cute little bee! LOVE it! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend Alexa :)

  3. How gorgeous ~ this would be beautiful as one of those large canvas prints, Alexa!

  4. It took patients to get that shot.

  5. Beautiful shot--so clear and sharp. And, the flower is gorgeous. It's never a waste of time when you are out in the garden-always a wonderful place to be. Have a nice Sunday. Mickie :)

  6. this is a WOW! the shadows of the pistils are fantastic. and the colors too. great capture. happy SSS.

  7. Gorgeous! I would love to be out and about in the sun all day.

  8. This flower seems to be inviting not only the bee, but me, to partake of its beauty and nourishment!


    Come here, my shadow,
    Do not delay;
    Be my companion,
    Show me the way;
    Teach me your secrets,
    Chant as we go
    Of light and darkness—
    Make my heart glow!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadow of Memories

  9. Beautiful macro shot.
    I'm waiting for my roses starting to bloom.


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