Saturday, April 23, 2011


The category for today's Photo Hunt is "dusty."
I'm not saying these books are—but just
going by how often I have to deal with my own
bookshelves, I'd have to say the potential is there.
I could farfouille (rummage about) in here
for hours—how about you?

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  1. Hello Alexa, I haven't been checking in lately, and I see I've missed quite a few beautiful photos! And "Dusty?", I'm right there with you. I could spend hours rummaging around such a handsome bookstore. Even if I don't understand French.


  2. I didn't notice the dust (is certainly present though if I look at my book selves too),I was more focused on the traces of many, many customers on the floor !
    Your comment reminds me the frustration of my daughters when we went window-shopping, I could spend much more time in book stores, antiques .... and delicatessen than clothes store. Not a surprise for you, Alexa ???

  3. That looks like a great store... provided you can read the language (French?) of its books!

  4. I love this rouge, glossy storefront! This was a vocabulary word for me in my French reading today... farfouiller! "Celine fouille dans son sac pour un stylo..." What a coincidence!



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