Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Musée Carnavalet

This cool sign is in the museum of the
city of Paris, a wonderful repository of
all things Parisien, including recreated
rooms, building models, and shop signs
from a time when most of the population
couldn't read. Some of them are fairly obvious
(see below), but I have no idea what this is
supposed to signify. Any ideas? 

I'm linking back to That's My World Tuesday.
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  1. it looks like a Halloween decoration to me but I'm guessing that holiday might not be celebrated in France...

  2. I thought it used to be the sign of the cabaret "Le chat noir", and that's what I found on that link :
    And I prefer your shot than the poster !!!

  3. Wonderful signs - especially that first one!

  4. I was thinking le chat noir , too. Perhaps he was done in various locales?

  5. Merci for the link, Marylene! (I do like the poster though.)

  6. oh I remember this sign and knew it right off. Your shot is MUCH better than mine. B ravo~!

  7. Oh and it's a chat noir....just like my Meeps!


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