Friday, April 8, 2011

Les Toits de Paris . . .

. . . over  a very "typique" Haussmanian building
and under a clear blue sky—perfection!
(I'll take the corner apartment, merci.)

[Today is Skywatch Friday. To see more, go here.]


  1. wouldn't it be lovely to live here?

  2. The one, a little "bobo", with the balcony or the last one under the roofs, the "chambres de bonne", as a souvenir of student life ????

  3. What a gorgeous photo, Alexa! Can I come with you?? I'll take typical Haussmanian any day of the week. I'll even put bells on.

  4. Could that be the building feature in the "J'adore" perfume advertisement with Charlize Theron? (It's not included in the online versions of the ad that I've been able to find, but the TV ad ends with a pull-away from a corner window of a building that looks like the one in your photo.)

  5. I think I've stayed in an apartment here.. what neighborhood?


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