Saturday, April 1, 2017

A tasty bite

This was part of a most amazing multi-course
meal that my daughter Katie treated me
to when we were in Rome in February.  Between
each of the courses they would bring us
some yummy little something.  (This one featured
raspberry & pistachio, and I'm not sure what
was inside but it was delicious.) 

The chef came out for an intro when we had just 
started our dinner; if he'd shown up 
near the end, I would have hugged him!

[Linking back to Beverly's Pink Saturday.]


  1. Your description made that sound so appealing that I ordered a half dozen of the closest things to it I could find. But, regrettably, in my case, I don’t believe I will be sipping my post prandial coffee out of this cup.

  2. It looks amazing, Alexa! I imagine the Italian chef scores quite a few hugs... :)


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